International Photography Contest

“Georgian Stories”

We are delighted to announce our photography contest for the upcoming Georgian Week at the University of Cologne which is scheduled for the week of 13–17 January 2020.

Our goal is to create a sense of community and support photographers who are passionate about Georgia and whose work might otherwise never be seen. With the theme “Georgian Stories” this competition aims to uncover images that show Georgian culture, beauty and tradition at their best. Judges are looking for photographs that are striking, well-crafted and of exceptional quality.

The competition is open to photographers of all nationalities. The only requirement to qualify is your passion for Georgia and the desire to capture its soul with your camera.

How to apply

Send us five pictures that you think best represent what Georgia and its natives are (e.g. people, nature, architecture, cuisine, lifestyle, etc. we rely on your creativity!), to the following email address: The deadline for applications has been extended to November 23, 2019, 23:00 (GMT+1).

Accepted photograph format:

File format:JPEG
File size:2-3 MB
File name:<your surname>-<photograph index>.jpg   (e.g. Smith-01.jpg)

Please send us a couple of sentences about yourself (your age, your country of origin and what connects you to photography) and a story behind your series of photographs (what is so special about these photos, where did you take them and why did you decide to send them to us?) in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. Additionally, you can shortly describe your photographs (referring to them by the indices in file names).

More details

Within the frames of this photography contest, we reserve the non-exclusive rights to print and exhibit the winning photographs, as well as use them in the press and social media. If you send us photographs of persons, please ensure that you have sufficient rights to publish them.

The judges will name five winners of the competition by the end of November. The works will be exhibited at the University of Cologne in January. After this we will move the exhibition to the Consulate General in Frankfurt and towards spring it will travel all the way to the Embassy of Georgia, in Berlin.

The judges of the contest are:

  • Georgian Students Group Aisi (International Students Association of the University of Cologne, Germany);
  • Prof. Dirk Gebhardt, Photojournalist (Department of Design, University of Dortmund, Germany);
  • Teona Gogichaishvili, Curator & Co-organizer of KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO Festival (Tbilisi, Georgia).