International Weeks

What are they exactly?

International Weeks are events organized by the international groups of the International Students Association Cologne. They usually take place twice per semester and are supported by the International Office of the University of Cologne and the Cologne Students Service.

The idea behind the international weeks is an intercultural exchange between the students at the campus of the University of Cologne as well as an opportunity for the international university groups to present their culture, tradition, and history to all the guests of the events. There are usually several events during the week which include but aren’t limited to the cultural evenings, calligraphy, dance or singing workshops, cooking evenings, exhibitions, and other events that help to reproduce and present one’s culture at its best.

Georgian Culture Week

Yes, you’ve guessed it just right. We are up next and so excited about the opportunity to share our piece of culture with you!

It is going to be Aisi’s first culture week since the group’s debut back in 2013, and the group has been invested in this project for the last couple of months. Our week will be as versatile as it gets: we will be having a traditional themed cultural evening, too, which will be accompanied by Georgian dances, our traditional polyphonic singing and a presentation about our culture and people. There will be a calligraphy workshop (did you know that Georgians have a unique writing system with very interesting features?) and a presentation for all the wanderlusty people out there, who wish to visit Georgia and need a couple of tips about the hiking routes, best coffee shops or local words that one could use to get around.

The central library of the Cologne University has generously provided us with a two-week exhibition spot, between January 8-22, for the presentation of the Georgian books translated into the German language. With Aisi’s initiative, part of the books will be donated to the library and therewith there will be the first set of Georgian literature at the central library of the Cologne University.

In the limelight of the week will be standing our baby-project—the first international photography contest “Georgian Stories.” The open contest has been announced back in October and as of today, we have received 260 works of 52 Photographers from 17 different countries. The project has been created in order to support the artists and to encourage a community that can and wishes to mutually help and embolden each other. We are overwhelmed by the attention and interest that our project has received so far and are proud to be hosting the exhibition during the Georgian Week at the Cafe International of the University of Cologne in January.