About Aisi

The University Group “Aisi” was founded as part of the International Students Association of the University of Cologne by students from Georgia back in 2013. We are a group of committed students who have joined forces to organize various events and promote the culture, history and heritage of Georgia in Cologne. Besides organizing events, we are the first point of contact for Georgian students in Cologne.

Our activities include the following:

  • Advice and assistance for Georgian students at the University of Cologne regarding their studies and leisure time;
  • monthly regular’s table;
  • Organization of cultural events related to Georgia such as movie nights, cooking evenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc.;
  • Seminars, panel discussions, lecture series and workshops with a focus on Georgia;
  • Active cooperation with other university groups of the University of Cologne.

Contact Information

E-Mail: aisi-info@uni-koeln.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aisi.koeln

Current Board of Members

Chairwoman: Elene Shubladze
Deputy Chairman: Elvin Ahmadov
Deputy Chairwoman: Medea Goletiani
First Cash Auditor: Khatuna Lelashvili
Second Cash Auditor: Ketevan Khatchapuradze